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Telecommunication Site Acquisition Service – Wireless Site Development and Deployment ServicesTelecommunications is what we’re all about. Our team is made up of both experienced telecom professionals who understand each aspect of the site acquisition process. Equipped with deep technical knowledge and experience in all telecommunication facets, TCG is well positioned to acquire reliable wireless telecommunication sites within your timeline and at the lowest possible cost. With unsurpassed sourcing expertise and negotiating skills, partnering with TCG means partnering for success!

TCG performs due diligence and accountability in the following areas:

  • Search Ring Analysis
  • Zoning Analysis
  • Site Canvassing & Identification
  • Site Acquisition Information Package (SAIP)
  • Evidence of Title / Title Review
  • Feasibility Walks / Design Visits
  • Lease Exhibits
  • Environmental Assessment
  • Lease Agreement Negotiation
  • Lease Amendment Negotiation
  • Entry & Testing Agreements
  • Co-Location Agreements

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Site Location Services

Drawing on our global telecommunication reach and strong site acquisition expertise, we ensure that the right site is secured in the shortest possible time, saving time, effort and money.

By utilizing the network design information provided by the carrier, we conduct extensive search ring analysis prior to visiting the site to determine the most suitable site candidates. Once the most viable sites have been identified, we produce technical site survey reports and evaluations of structural soundness so you get a comprehensive understanding of the suitability of each site. We take into consideration the unique requirements of each client’s wireless development strategy and tailor our services to meet your specific needs.

TCG uses new age technologies to maintain and promote a database of “ready-to-lease” sites for telecommunication carriers. Visit our database of suitable rooftops here.

TCG also provides site location services to industries beyond telecommunications. If you require land or space to deliver or promote your services, contact us today.

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The telecom site lease negotiation process addresses a bevy of clauses and requirements pertaining to wireless telecommunication leases. Our expert site acquisition agents cut through these complexities to ensure smooth lease negotiations and securing the best lease rates possible. We understand how much lease rates affect your business’s bottom line. That is why we work to guarantee you the most cost-effective lease possible.

After the cell tower or rooftop lease has been executed and signed, the process of acquiring local site plan permits and meeting zoning regulations follows.

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Site Zoning and Permitting

TCG is well versed in the local and national regulations tied to telecom networks and land use. We conduct negotiations and facilitate site plan approval processes with municipalities, and other local and governmental agencies to clear the path for your wireless deployment.

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Resource Management and Recruiting

The telecommunication industry is advancing rapidly.

The new business paradigm requires a number of telecommunication professionals and consultants to help cover short and long term assignments in very short timeframes. By utilizing TCG's telecommunication recruiting and management services, you won't need to hire full time employees for short-term assignments.

TCG offers telecommunication staffing and management services manages all your telecommunication resource requirements. Our outsourced staffing program provides industry professionals to work on your projects on a moment's notice. Our contractors are reassigned based on your project's needs.

TCG offers the only viable solution for telecommunication job outsourcing. Contact us to discuss your immediate and future human resource needs.

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Telcommunications Consulting Group is a global telecommunication solutions provider. Depend on us for telcommunication project management, site architecture, engineering and deployment, as well as site acquisition services.

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