Telecommunication Services

Project Management

Telecommunication Services - Telecommunication Tower, Antenna and Site Design and Construction ServicesTCG manages your wireless deployment from end-to-end. Adhering to efficient workflow processes, TCG quickly meets project milestones by assessing project scope and coordinating our resources accordingly.

Our depth and breadth of site acquisition experience enables us to examine your development goals and devise a strategic plan that will bring rapid success to your wireless deployment.

TCG partners with you to identify the best possible solutions across all facets of your telecommunication project. Learn more about our approach to project management.

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Construction Management

Whether it’s a large-scale construction project or turnkey site, TCG meets your unique construction management needs.

Across all phases of a project - from pre-purchase consultation and planning to site construction and supervising – TCG maintains a high-level of service that makes certain your project finishes on time and on budget.

We offer the following telecommunication construction services:

  • Engineering consulting
  • Project management
  • Civil and tower construction
  • Tower modifications and enhancements
  • Installation of new equipment
  • Technology equipment upgrades
  • Equipment modifications
  • Line and antenna reconfiguration
  • Microwave path analysis
  • Electronics equipment deployment
  • Switch installation
  • Sweep testing

If you’d like more information on our construction management services, contact us today.

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Tower Management

We identify, develop and manage build-to-serve tower management projects for the wireless community with reliability and efficiency.

Equipped with the technical prowess to solve complex issues that arise out of tower engineering, our team is poised to provide an array of services for both owned and managed tower sites. These include:

  • Tower site construction
  • Site acquisition
  • Site management
  • Tower sales and marketing
  • Co-location leasing
  • On-going asset management services
  • Site promotion
  • Lease optimization

Contact us today to learn why TCG can best meet your tower management needs.

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Lease Optimization

At TCG, we understand how real estate costs impact your bottom line. That’s why we help wireless and other companies optimize existing leases to bring operational costs down and streamline agreements for future expansion. Through our relationships with landlords, we work to optimize lease terms through lease renewals, reductions, extensions, and provisions for ongoing rooftop or tower usage.

Learn how we can enhance your lease terms for greater cost-efficiency.

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Site Audits

At the onset of any site acquisition or construction, it is vital to conduct a thorough audit of your site. To this end, our experts provide complete surveys and reporting on all types of sites, including towers, poles, and rooftops to verify regulatory compliance is met.

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Building Permitting

The TCG team is well versed in the local and national regulations tied to telecom networks and land use.

We conduct negotiations and facilitate site plan approval processes with municipalities, and other local and governmental agencies to clear the path for your wireless deployment.

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Utility Coordination

Our utility coordination specialists are adept at negotiating each facet of your project, clearing the way for your wireless deployment.

We’ve developed business relationships across utility agencies and governmental bodies over hundreds of projects, which aids us in our efforts to elude project delays and cost increases.

Contact TCG today and learn how we can handle all your telecommunication servicing needs.

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Telcommunications Consulting Group is a global telecommunication solutions provider. Depend on us for telcommunication project management, site architecture, engineering and deployment, as well as site acquisition services.

TCG offers you the guarantee your telcommunciation projects will be delivered on time and within budget.


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