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Telecommunication Design, Architecture and Engineering servicesTCG realizes how “speed to market” demands rapid responses to connect with opportunities in order to expand your business.

At TCG, we provide telecommunications architecture, design and engineering services with our customers’ network coverage, RF propagation, and capacity needs in mind.

By applying the experience gained from more than 9,500 successful installations to date, our team of telecommunication and industry professionals, accredited technical experts and seasoned project managers are ready to ensure your project completes on time, on budget, and with demonstrable quality.

Learn more about how our architecture and engineering team can partner with you to deliver reliable, cost-cutting solutions.

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Construction Design

Designing and constructing the most efficient and cost-effective wireless network solutions is our goal.

To this end, we first consult with the customer and equipment providers to understand their needs in terms of timeframes and budgetary restrictions. Then, we develop thorough, innovative and cost effective construction designs—using the latest in CAD and BIM technology—to help competitively position the customer for success.

Whether we are constructing new towers, sites and build-outs, installing rooftop antennas or designing and delivering stealth installations, we cultivate open communication with the entire team and apply best industry practices from the design phase through to final integration.

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Architectural Design

Sound architectural application of major build elements is key to any successful telecommunication project.

With this in mind, TCG’s technical and architecture experts design custom site solutions for a broad array of telecommunications facilities, including switches, hubs, various tower alternatives, water tanks, high voltage utility tower applications, roof tops, steeples, clock towers, etc. These facilities are designed to accommodate a variety of telecommunication applications including cellular, broadband, DAS, fiber distribution networks and microwave backhaul systems.

Since the communication of design concepts and ideas with clients and client communities is imperative for successful permitting, TCG has developed proven methods of visual communication, including computer generated perspective renderings, photo simulations and specialized graphic presentations.

TCG has been applying “Green Design Principles” wherever feasible in order to encourage LEED application to the ever-expanding telecommunications networks worldwide. Our staff members are certified as LEED AP’s and are knowledgeable in the use of LEED principles in the design of telecommunication infrastructure.

The design of complex stealth systems has been one of TCG’s specialties and over the years has resulted in national recognition that attests to the skills of the architectural design team.

Beyond methodologies, TCG brings you into the process from the onset to ensure that a design program is devised to meet all your budgetary, safety, technical and time requirements.

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Structural Engineering

Before anything can be built, erected, or co-located, the first thing we consider is cost and safety.

At TCG, our engineers have a demonstrable track record of ensuring both of these factors on all our telecommunication installations. Utilizing sound structural engineering principles, our team efficiently creates effective structural systems that pave the way for safe telecom sites. As seasoned professionals in the telecom arena, we understand not only the structural, civil and geotechnical aspects of each project, but how to best apply them to effective solutions for towers, water tanks, rooftops and other unique applications.

Whether you require our services for a one-time installation, or a multi-phase build, our structural engineers will exact their knowledge to provide you with a safe, economical and timely platform from which to start.

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Design Builds

Would you like less costs and more control over your next wireless deployment?

TCG provides a telecommunications delivery system where the design and construction facets of any telecommunication project coincide to minimize your risk and maximize your return. Because we handle the design, deployment and construction management aspects of the job, you benefit from greater ongoing communication and flexibility in addressing such issues as design revisions, budgets, construction schedules, permitting, and billing. Our streamlined design-build approach also results in greater value, as you are free to adjust methods and materials throughout each phase of the project.

Whether it’s a large-scale build for a carrier or a single tower, TCG is equipped to build any telecommunication tower, rooftop, or specialized antenna installation to your exact specifications. Utilizing our design build model, we safeguard your project from running over budget and ensure it is completed to your satisfaction.

TCG provides the following services in relation to your design build:

  • Project Management
  • Construction Management
  • Land Surveys
  • Site and Equipment Audits
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Planning / Design
  • CAD Drawings / Documents
  • Zoning and Permitting
  • Utility Coordination
  • Tower Management

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Network Upgrades / Change-Outs

In this fast-paced industry, we understand the need to maintain continuous network oversight and control. TCG stands ready to quickly upgrade and change-out existing wireless infrastructure to ensure network reliability and reach.

Our telecom experts have intrinsic knowledge of telecommunications systems and equipment and will expedite your network upgrades and technology change-outs to meet your expansion goals.

Contact us to learn how we can best help with your project upgrades and change-outs.

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